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NightParadise app Kelius by test1204 NightParadise app Kelius :icontest1204:test1204 4 8 Pkmnbw Dina App by test1204 Pkmnbw Dina App :icontest1204:test1204 4 0 PDD- maelstrom-app- Zachica(a.k.a Zach)(updated) by test1204 PDD- maelstrom-app- Zachica(a.k.a Zach)(updated) :icontest1204:test1204 5 0 PDD-wanderer app Azira (Updated) by test1204 PDD-wanderer app Azira (Updated) :icontest1204:test1204 8 4
(SC)Paralogue1 kane's fight and Nina on gurad duty
Kane was fighting a Dutarus Mercenary, It proving to be an crazy idea but he was going to make it work. He was running through the streets of the town leading the mercenary to a dead end so that he could launch a sneak attack on the Mercenary.
Meanwhile Nina was pretty much protecting the girl from an dutarus cavalier that was being a pain. She was transformed, she was pretty much hoping that this battle against a araquanid mounted on a Mudsdale. She used dark pulse to make them flinch and she sent out a shadow ball to try keep them back.
Kane on the other hand was jumping over the Mercenary and launched a Thunderbolt right at  the Ariados’ face. He was just waiting to pop a arrow at someone and the mercenary was the right target.
Nina was still dealing with the cavalier she was pretty much equally matched with the cavalier. They pretty much exchange hits but it seemed like no true winner would decided soon.
Kane was dealing with the mercenary and well things were pretty muc
:icontest1204:test1204 1 2
shattered crest app Kaz by test1204 shattered crest app Kaz :icontest1204:test1204 2 2
Xeomi Academy Student App Yaira
{ { Student } }
Name:  Yaira Sake Remix  |  Name Meaning:  Yaira: to illuminate. Sake: for the purpose of. Remix: to mix it again |  Nickname: Marionette, Mary , Yai, and Lil glitter.
D.O.B.: March 27th  |  Age: 15  |  Sex:  Female  |  Gender:  female  |  Sexuality:  Bisexual
Height: 5’4 Feet  |  </b>Weight:</b> 120 kg   |  Birthplace: Tokyo, japan
Nationality: Japanese   |  School Year:  First-Year
❥ Candy
❥ making dolls
❥ music
❥ fireworks
✘ thunderstorms
✘ rats
✘ bugs
✘ crowded places
✂ Spiders
✂ lighting
Ability Name Pyromancer
General Explanation Yai can control fire somewhat and it like she can make fire bend to her will in a way but it
:icontest1204:test1204 1 0
RP call From Cynder
RP Call from Cynder
:icontest1204:test1204 0 3
Pkmn Sc   Playlist Meme Kane by test1204 Pkmn Sc Playlist Meme Kane :icontest1204:test1204 1 0 pkmn sc   playlist meme Nina by test1204 pkmn sc playlist meme Nina :icontest1204:test1204 2 2 dg app   Cynder by test1204 dg app Cynder :icontest1204:test1204 8 0
[SC] Nina's fight and kane's sneak attack.
Nina was out in the field of battle for the first time since she joined the army. She had trained on her own pretty hard for this day. Her target was a dutarus myrmidon. She firstly scoped things out to see which one would make for a easy target.
Meanwhile kane was on the sidelines still healing from his fight with ashni. Kane was keeping a watchful eye on the battles for now.
Nina on the other hand was about to take on a myrmidon who was an sandslash which was ground typing. Nina firstly used her beast stone and became a giant sized umbreon and then she used dark pulse to do some damage and make her foe flinch so she get in close and attack with her iron tail.
Kane then saw a enemy archer that was out and alone and thought that it would a good time to get a sneak attack on the enemy. Even though he was hurt he could still put up a fight.
Nina was hit by the myrmidon and was dealt some damage. She fought back by hitting the myrmidon with her claws. This was her first real battle and it
:icontest1204:test1204 1 1
[SC] Kane and Ashni's first meeting and fight
Kane was in the barracks about to go and do some training. He wanted to sure his aim was sharp. He picked up his bow and started to head out of the barracks and was humming a small song that he learned from his dad.
Ashni was headed into the barracks. Another long week of trying to avoid people-- and it was proving to be very difficult. As she was about to open the door to the barracks, the door swung open, and standing there was a Luxray. Her eyes darted around him, trying to think of a way to get around him without saying anything. In the end, he didn't seem to want to move, only offering her a friendly smile.
"Move." she said bluntly, pushing her way past him.

Kane was pushed out of the way. He didn't pay this any mind really. "um you have said excuse me." he said. Kane went on ahead and he then went out of the barracks swiftly getting past of girl that pushed him. He was now playing around with her.  
"Could've," she replied, giving him a mean glance, "but why bothe
:icontest1204:test1204 1 2
pkmn shattered crest   roleplay meme Nina and Kane by test1204 pkmn shattered crest roleplay meme Nina and Kane :icontest1204:test1204 2 0 Pkmn Shattered Crest   Voice Actor Meme  Kane by test1204 Pkmn Shattered Crest Voice Actor Meme Kane :icontest1204:test1204 1 2 pkmn shattered crest   voice actor meme Nina by test1204 pkmn shattered crest voice actor meme Nina :icontest1204:test1204 3 4


Travis by DrunkRadio Travis :icondrunkradio:DrunkRadio 28 2 That Child by puppiyo That Child :iconpuppiyo:puppiyo 69 4 Sailor Androids by Makii-tan Sailor Androids :iconmakii-tan:Makii-tan 13 7 Pokemon | Meloetta's Relic Song by Minish-Mae Pokemon | Meloetta's Relic Song :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 32 4 Das: Send Help by Leggomybagel Das: Send Help :iconleggomybagel:Leggomybagel 13 16 --  Nier Automata : 2B -- by Kurama-chan -- Nier Automata : 2B -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 117 7 Fox girl  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ by Mystfx Fox girl ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :iconmystfx:Mystfx 19 3 Futaba Sakura Persona 5 by Amana-HB Futaba Sakura Persona 5 :iconamana-hb:Amana-HB 118 8 Prediction Loading.. Please Wait by The-Mage-Of-Nothing Prediction Loading.. Please Wait :iconthe-mage-of-nothing:The-Mage-Of-Nothing 305 23 Chibiterasu by Crystal--Destiny Chibiterasu :iconcrystal--destiny:Crystal--Destiny 21 2 You can be Alice and I'll be the Mad Hatter by shayahna You can be Alice and I'll be the Mad Hatter :iconshayahna:shayahna 9 2 Warriors of Freedom| Application by Minish-Mae Warriors of Freedom| Application :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 3 7 MYO Bellbom | Edel by SparksTea MYO Bellbom | Edel :iconsparkstea:SparksTea 67 8 Splatoon hype!~ by Aitrellos Splatoon hype!~ :iconaitrellos:Aitrellos 86 3 Shibo character sheet - [COMMISSION] by Gi0Gi0 Shibo character sheet - [COMMISSION] :icongi0gi0:Gi0Gi0 51 15 (animated)My Candy Love - my character PixelDoll by JULYE-sama (animated)My Candy Love - my character PixelDoll :iconjulye-sama:JULYE-sama 48 4


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NightParadise app Kelius

Character Picture:
(Coming Soon)

Kelius Daria Carr

Age: 18

Gender: female

Species: Werewolf/ Reaper hybrid

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 5'2 (human form) 5'7 (Demon form)

Job: Gardener

Spirot item: A shappie on a black belt that she wears around her stomach.


Kelius is a very caring girl and tends to always shows some love to friends and people who she feels like can trust.

Smart-  Kelius is very smart and takes pride in that trait and she tends to be able to slove some pretty hard to fix problems.

Friendly- Kelius is very friendly and is very easy to approach even when meeting someone for first time.

Curious- Kelius is very curious and tends to want to learn as much as she can about any new things may pop from time to time.

Passive- Kelius isn't the one  throw the first punch and tries to avoid whatever fighting she can unless she has no choice but to fight.

Sensitive-Kelius is very sensitive and her feelings can be hurt pretty easliy when this happens she tends to ran off to cry and gather her feelings back.

Not much of a talker-Kelius isn't very good at converatons or small talk so she tends to wait for the other person to start the converation and she tries her best to keep the rest of the converation going.

Implusive-Kelius tends to follow her heart more so than her mind and this often leads to her making bad judgement calls and getting into trouble alot.

- Gardening
- hot tea and iced coffee
- the colors black and red
- Scary books and movies
- small animals

- Big animals
- hot coffee and iced tea
- heights: She has a big fear of heights
- cats
- Messing up a potion.

                    Kelius was born in a cabin near the base of mount fuji. Kelius barely know her real mom and dad before they were killed by a werewolf hunter and she was forced to run and hide from the hunter this happened when she was 6 years old. After about a year of living by herself and defending herself, she ended up at the doorstep of a werid house in the woods on a dark stormy night. It didn't seem like anyone was living there so she deicded to go into the house to use as shelter from the storm for the night. Kelius explored the house looking for the bedroom so she could sleep for the night. However what she did was werid rooms fill of even werider things and one room that look like a kitchen and a bathroom but no bedroom. She then decided to find a couch or chair to sleep in and she did. When morning came Kelius woke up to the sound of a voice telling her to wake up. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and to her surprise a woman who appeared to be in her well kelius didn't really know how to count she guess like early 30s or maybe um she was 20 well she couldn't so she decided not to think about it too much. She was pretty confused about why the woman was here. She thought that the house didn't belong to anyone but it seems like she was wrong. After one long yet needed converation it seemed that the woman's name was Morgan and she is a witch in disguse and that this house was her home. Kelius then got a idea, she asked Morgan if she can live with her, Morgan agreed but as Kelius agreed to be Morgan's apprentice. Kelius agreed to said terms and from that day on Kelius was now Morgan's apprentice.  After a good three years  of learning a lot about magic with Morgan, kelius starting being able to use and then she started how to craft potions.   

                                                                              Teen years:  
                  As a young teen, kelius had learnt alot while working as morgan's apprentice. She wasn't too happy about having to stay at morgan's house most of the time since  she was a demon. So she tried to fill the bit of boremation she had with reading the massive collection of books that Morgan owned and well it filled her with even more so questions about the outside world. She wanted to explore the outside world a little more but Morgan had her kept busy with watching the house or studying and practing her magic while she was gone. Kelius pretty bored out of her mind so she would sometimes sneak out while hiding her demon like appearence as best she could. Sooner or later Morgan find out about this and decided to try and find a way to well allowed for kelius to expience the outside world without having to worry about the fact of her being a demon being found out by any humans.

                                                                           Current age: 

                On Kelius' 18th birthday Morgan said that she had a surprise for her and kelius just very excited and curious at the same time. Morgan told her that she would get to expience the outer world alot more soon enough but it would start out with her meeting other demons at first. Kelius was super excited about this. A few days after kelius' 18th birthday, her and Morgan moved to Crossroads town on Cardiff island. Kelius was more than ready to see what outside world was all about.


-Magic knivies- kelius can make magic knives appear at the snap of her fingers but it takes a bit of energy for each knife that she conjures up.
-Magic scythe-  kelius can summon a magic scythe that mabe of bones such as spine, skull, and etc.
-Plant and Healing magic
-Great Cook
-Herbs and potions expert
-Good hunting skills

-FunFact#1: Kelius has a small pack that she uses for hunting it contains a small hunting knife and a mini first aid pack.
-FunFact#2: Kelius got the scar on her face during a hunting accident.
-FunFact#3: Kelius lives with Morgan who she considers as a second mom.

Ok so what I have thinking about is killing myself. I just feel broaderline dead and insane and broadline I want to end my suffering now these parts of me i had battling with have popping up ever since I was a junior in highschool and it has gotten worse since then. That is all that I have to about this.
Pkmnbw Dina App

Name: Dina Ross

Age: 17

Species: Gothorita

Form: Gijinka

Orientation: Bisexual

Class: Somebody

Origins: Halloween/ Chirstmas town

Hold Item: N/A

Inventory: Wishing star: her  keyblade. a bag of candy.


Calm mind: Dina calms her mind and her sp. Atk and Def rise one stage.

Energy Ball: Dina focuses her energy into green ball and fires it at her foe and it blows up on contact.

Feint attack: Dina moves stealthily and then attacks her foe with an sucker punch.  

Protect: Dina creates a forcefield that protects her or a ally from one attack. Using this move over and over leads to a good chance of it failing.

Ability: Frisk

Nature: Mild

Characteristic: highly curious


Strength: 1

Defence: 0

Magic: 2

Spells: Blizzard, Thunder.


+ caring + Easy going + Creative / Noncompetitive / high spirited -Curious - Over Trustful -Childish  

Dina is a caring young girl yet she is very childish which causes for people older than her to think of her as a bit of trouble to have around but she is very much the opposite she is very easy going and she is creative but she tries to put it into her fighting style and into most of her hobbies to try and show that she isn’t as childish as she really is. She is noncompetitive and doesn’t tend to get competitive all too often. She is usually high spirited and will at least try her best at anything at peaks her interest. Dina is very curious and this can get her in trouble alot. Dina is over trustful and tends to put her trust in the hands of people who she just met sometimes and this can get her screwed over if she puts her trust in the wrong hands.


  Dina was born to Gothitelle mother and a Father Alakazam. She was born in halloween town that would become X-mas town sometimes. As a kid she was a very good kid and she would help her mom and dad out with work at the family magic shop. She one day asked her mother if she could teach dina how to use magic. Her mother was more than happy to teach her magic. Dina and her mother would go to the field near the hill outside of town. Even though it was say to rumored that heartless haunted that area it was mainly laughed off as a rumor since was a long time since anyone had seen any heartless. So Dina’s mom thought it would be a good spot for dina to learn about how to use magic.

 At first learning magic was a bit hard for dina to gasp but with a lot of effort and time Dina soon learned how to use magic and she and her mom would practice often. One day Dina went to field by herself to practice magic and then a creature came out of the shadows and attacked her, Dina panicked and she quickly used protect to shield herself but the creature broke through the protect with ease and was about to attack again. Dina put her arms in front of her to block the attack when a blinding light appeared as the heartless was about to attack. The light faded and then a blade appeared in her hand and the creature was still on the attack. Dina didn’t think she just went on ahead and attacked back yet she wasn't able to kill the heartless but she still made it run back to the shadows.

 Dina looked down at the two blades in her hands, she wondered what they were and what they were for.  She quickly went back before anymore heartless showed up. When she got back to her family’s magic shop, she asked her parents about the blades that she had after explained what happened to her while she out in the field. Her dad then said that there was a book within the shop that would explain what the blades are. After a bit of searching though the books within the shop, Dina found the book and started reading it. It was a old book yet the pages were still readable, the book talked about keyblades and the people who wield them keyblade wielders.

  The book was bit confusing and it took a bit for Dina to gasp what it was talking but she came to learn about it pretty quickly. She went on to reading about the mark of mastery exam. She asked her dad if he knew anyone who knew more about this mark of mastery exam. Her dad said that during his travels before he met her mother, he had heard of a wizard named Yen sid who knew about heartless and keyblades. Her dad told her that if anyone would know about the mark of mastery exam it would be him.

  Dina then knew what she had to do. She then decided to travel to twilight town to met Yen sid and train hard to take the mark of mastery exam and learn about her weapons as well when she return back to  her home.


Dina isn’t dumb she is actually very smart but can but a bit slow on learning new things

Dina is very good with magic, her keyblade can help power up her magic.

Dina tends to fight without any real battle style she just tends to mix up different moves to try and stay unpredictable

Dina isn’t much of a trickster which usually got her prank a lot while she was young.

Dina is right handed

She is 5’2 feet tall.

theme song  


Dina’s favorite food is chocolate

Soda or water

Hobbies: writing short stories, sewing, and cooking.  


Smoothies or iced tea  

Bright colors

Complex riddles and really bad puns.



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